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Agricultural Chemical Registrations.
All Agricultural Chemicals are required to be registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) (for more information see www.apvma.gov.au), before they can be legally sold in Australia.

Hillview Consulting can help obtain registrations for your products. Hillview Consulting can provide advice on the data that is required and put that data together in the format required by the APVMA for registration applications.

Hillview Consulting advises on the registration fees required by the APVMA and other on going fees that the APVMA charges.

Hillview Consulting has the experience with all types of submissions including Active Constituent (AC) submissions, new product submissions and registering of similar or image products, formulation changes and label updates.

Not technical yourself? Don’t understand how the APVMA wants the data presented? Hillview Consulting can review your data and present the data and the necessary arguments to the APVMA. Hillview Consulting has extensive technical background and understanding of the requirements to enable registration of products with the APVMA.

Product Labels.

The label is often the only source of information, instruction and advice to the user of a product. It is important that the label is read, understood and the directions are followed to ensure no misuse of the product. Hillview Consulting can advise on what is required, how to set the information out on the label and suggest how to make the best use of space on the label.

The product label must comply with labelling codes, guidelines and be accepted by the APVMA. Hillview Consulting is able to help in the layout, wording and information to be contained on the label. Hillview Consulting checks the poison scheduling, dangerous and hazardous goods assessments.

Chemical Review Program.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has a Chemical Review Program which can reconsider the approval of existing agricultural and veterinary chemicals (active constituents), the registration of chemical products, or the approval of product labels.

Hillview Consulting can advise what is required in this call up of data from the APVMA.

Don’t have the time/resources available to comply with Chemical review programs and continue to maintain your normal registration functions? Hillview Consulting is able to prepare Chemical Review Program submissions while you are able to keep your existing registration resources on company projects.

Dangerous Goods.

Many Agricultural and Veterinary products are Dangerous Goods. Not sure if your product is a Dangerous Good (DG) or not? Hillview Consulting can determine if your product is a DG, and advise on the necessary labelling and discuss the implications for transport and storage of Dangerous Goods
Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s).
All products that are defined as being Hazardous materials are required to have an SDS and it must be provided in an Australian format that is in 16 sections.

SDS’s are used internationally to provide the information required to allow the safe handling of substances at work. SDS’s assist employers to discharge their general duty of care to employees by providing them with information on the hazards of the products they are handling.

SDS’s are also used by Emergency Services in the case of fire, spillage or poisoning. SDS’s must also be updated every 5 years. Hillview Consulting can prepare your SDS’s or update your existing ones.

BICON - Australian Biosecurity Import Conditions.
The Australian Department Of Agriculture require all products that contain biological material (or products derived from biological material), to have an import permit, before importation. Failure to have the required permits can lead to the product being seized at the docks and impounded until a permit is arranged. This can be a very costly exercise. Hillview Consulting can help in obtaining the relevant permits.